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The existence of ecolony questioned

Существование экзолуны поставили под сомнениеResearchers have reproduced the work of their colleagues and got different results.

Object-кандиzn.iadat companions of the exoplanet was discovered in the summer of 2017 planets Kepler-1625 b, which is located at a distance of nearly four thousand light-years from Earth. Evidence for the existence of the satellite was recorded during three transits of the planet over the disk of the parent star. This is a small statistics, so researchers could not precisely determine whether the object was a companion of the exoplanet. Further observations with the “Kepler” has forced to doubt it.

In order to verify the guess, David Kipping and Alex Tichy conducted additional observations using a telescope “Hubble”. These data confirmed that around the world really revolves aktolun the size of Neptune.

Now telescope data processed Kreidberg Laura and her colleagues from the Harvard-Smithsonian center for astrophysics and was unable to confirm the existence of azospermia. Researchers failed to detect the satellite signal during the transit of the planet across the stellar disk – most likely it was an artifact of data processing, the scientists conclude in the article.

It is worth noting that both teams have double-checked the work of each other and are unable to find any errors or just differences in the sequence of actions that could lead to different results. The application of Kipping and Tichy at the additional time of Hubble observations of Kepler-1625 in may of this year was rejected, so scientists do not believe that they will definitively confirm or deny the existence of this ecolony.

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