Friday , May 14 2021
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‘Blind destructive rage’: At least 93 police officers injured, more than 350 protesters arrested during chaotic May Day in Berlin

Berlin saw over 20 various demonstrations held by various political movements to mark Labor Day on Saturday. While most were peaceful, some descended into violence, with the left-wing ‘Revolutionary May 1st Protest’ turning out to be particularly chaotic. The march, which is held annually in the neighborhoods of Neukoelln and …

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Destructive tornado near Mariupol. Video

The elements raged in the distance from residential homes. In the village the dawn Nikolsky district of the Donetsk region witnesses took video of a powerful tornado. Video appeared on the YouTube channel of Sergey Markin. Here you can see how the tornado moves across the field. Markin also published …

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The most destructive in the history of the tsunami. Photo

Destructive force of water. Water flowing in natural streams and rivers, living in the seas, changes the topography of land, washing away loose rocks, removing debris. But there are extremely painful conditions in which water becomes a real formidable weapon that kills and destroys everything in its path. The worst …

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