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Vitamins laugh: funny jokes for lovers of bizarre humor

Smile on health!There is a special category jokes – a sort of layer between the hard sarcasm and good humor. But these several strange things sometimes prove to be very successful. The recruit on the Committee. On the question of what his education, he proudly replied:— I was trained in …

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Famous model appeared at the fashion show in a bizarre outfit

She decided to dress up like a tiger. Launched in Milan fashion week, which has already gathered famous stars. Recently, the city was seen 20-year-old American model Bella Hadid. The star of the catwalk wearing a fancy suit with tiger print. The supermodel looked absolutely flawless in a leopard suit, …

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Celebrities who died in bizarre circumstances. Photo

Them hard to believe. At times, reviewing films with a gripping storyline, the audience is surprised by the imagination of the writers. Those often make the characters die at the incredible coincidence. However, in real life it happens and such. The survey collected the most absurd of death of famous …

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The selection of the most bizarre phobias. Photo

Unfounded fears is not uncommon. We are all afraid of something. Spiders, clowns, the responsibility – if you fear this, then that’s fine. However, there are some phobias that are quite fun, although those who suffer from them, do not agree with you. Yet even people suffering from some funny …

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The most bizarre in the world of sports. Photo

Not a football one. In the world of emerging sports, both Amateur and professional. However, in parallel with them are born other sporting events that unjustly remain in the shadows, despite the huge number of loyal fans. Here are just a few sports, the existence of which you probably never …

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