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Symptoms of kidney infections that cannot be ignored

Симптомы почечных инфекций, которые нельзя игнорироватьA common problem during the beach season.

In hot weather, the people, plunged in cold water, often subsequently suffer from kidney infections.

To cope with them is quite difficult, and therefore it is important to know what to do in such situations.

The causes of developing kidney infection doctors call the introduction of bacteria into the kidneys, bladder infection, stones in this organ, renal cyst, diabetes, one of the types of anemia, lowered immunity.

The person should alert the following symptoms: pain in groin, lower back and abdomen; fatigue; fever; pain and burning sensation when urinating; nausea, loss of appetite.

Note: if you find the above symptoms, as soon as possible consult a doctor. No self-medication.

As supplements can serve the following traditional medicines.

*Once a day after meal to drink a glass of water with 1 tsp of baking soda. Soda facilitates the work of the kidneys, removing toxins from the body.

*Doctors advise to drink at least 2 litres of drinking water during the day.

*Blueberry juice or mousse does not allow the bacteria to attach to the walls of the urinary tract. Besides, it is very helpful for kidney grape juice.

*Helps in kidney infection asparagus. It helps to eliminate them.

*A glass of water with the addition of tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar after Breakfast facilitates the inflammatory process.

*Helps cleanse the kidneys and to remove inflammation celery.

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