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Suprun debunked myths about sugar substitutes

Супрун развенчала мифы о заменителях сахараSuprun was advised what to do, even if the honey and brown sugar are not that useful.

Often sugar is replaced with honey, molasses, fructose, brown sugar, maple or even agave syrup. Supposedly, they are useful because natural.

But excessive consumption, eg, fructose can cause bloating and chronic diseases, including diabetes. About this on his page in Facebook informs the acting head of the Ministry of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun.

In addition, fructose in our body can digest only the liver. If this is too much sugar, the liver turns it into fat.

Replace white sugar often offer brown cane, which can seem less sweet, but in a tea it add until it’s sweet.

“Honey is better than other simple carbohydrates. He is so fond of, and firmly entrenched in our kitchens, because I simply had no alternatives. Mankind has long been able to enjoy only honey and molasses, which, moreover, was expensive. Honey gives a fast boost of energy depleted person. Indeed studies have proved that fast carbohydrates useful in the case of a viral infection. This sugar charge we get from eating ice cream or oatmeal porridge with syrup or drinking tea with sugar,” says Suprun.

She also criticized fizzy drinks, which contain maltodextrose – sugar derived from starch. It is cheap and bad – like all simple sugars, which instantly increases the level of glucose in the blood. Systematic consumption of sugary drinks increases the risk of obesity or diabetes.

Therefore, the acting health Minister advised what to do, even if the honey and brown sugar are not that useful:

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