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Seven simple ways to quickly relieve stress

Семь несложных способов быстро снять стрессIt is important to learn to relax.

Regular collision “face to face” with the stress without the ability to relax is fraught with melancholy. The constant stress voltage is slowly exhausting the body, the visible problems are not immediately apparent.

To avoid this, you need to learn how to get rid of psychological and physical stress.

The most common ways:

Breathing exercises;
Herbal teas;
Healthy cocktails;
Entry into the pool;
Taking a shower;
Smile and music.

The result of stress and nervous tension is hypertonicity of the muscles. “Wand wand” will become a regular self-massage. To do not need to enroll in courses to obtain the certificate. Enough pressing movements with your fingers along the spine, from the bottom up (to the neck). Do not affect the area of the spine.

Exercises breathing

Shallow breathing promotes the production of a hormone (adrenaline). Employees covered under excitement as a result, there is excitement. To calm the need to return the breath to normal. Breaths — deep and slow.

Herbal drinks

Forget about nervous disorders and lack of sleep will help with tea of chamomile or passionflower, says the journal About the calming properties of plants are known since ancient Indians. A delicious tea made from rose hips restores health after a prolonged stress.

Cocktail benefit

As an option set the mood and charge the vigor will be the vitamin cocktail. For cooking you will need a grapefruit, freshly squeezed beet juice, teaspoon of honey and half a Cup of soda. Drink the mixture in small SIPS.


As you know water helps to relieve stress. Sign up in the pool. When swimming is regulated by breath, and all thoughts focus on the process. Swim slowly, select the appropriate pace.


Not everyone can buy a pass to the pool. Shower will be the perfect place to relax. Close your eyes and think about the positive. Imagine that the negativity wash away with warm water.

Contrast cold shower and hardening also contribute to the production of endorphins – hormones of happiness. In addition, these treatments quenched the body, decreases the risk of catching colds.

Smile and music

Smile for any reason. This is the best cure for stress and ambient negativity.
Listening to music directly affects the chemical processes in the brain. Noticed the mood elevation and pleasure. For relaxation, choose a music style, most suitable.

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