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Seven best ways to detoxify the body in the spring

Семь лучших способов детоксикации организма веснойBest time for weight loss and health improvement.

In the spring we begin to prepare for the summer: we try to get in good shape, to impart a simple habit of proper nutrition and strengthen your weakened cold body.

In order to adequately spend the winter and to meet the update time, it’s never enough to completely clear the organism from slags and to provide competent care to every part of his body. The experts shared the cool detox tips, compliance with which will help you maintain your health, mood and immunity on top.

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Simple replacement

In the winter we spend a lot of calories and tried to stay warm with hearty and nourishing soups. With the onset of spring our body begins to require more simple and easy food, and that means it’s time to replace the usual heavy meal of fresh, more vitamins and less calories.

For a simple and nice cleansing of the body on Sunny spring days you just need to replace the spring on soups salads or light vegetable soups, and hot sugary drinks — on a bright, nutritious smoothies.

Drinking detox diet

Despite the fact that this diet has many contraindications and it is categorically not suitable for people exposed to heavy physical or emotional stress, drinking detox is one of the fastest and most effective ways to cleanse the body of toxins and also lose weight.

Contrary to many myths, drinking diet won’t leave you hungry: you can eat food in liquid form, whether fruit, vegetables or ground nuts. Dairy and meat products in this case are prohibited because they impede the rapid cleansing of the body. And of course, remember that you will have to give up the sweet juices, carbonated drinks and all kinds of “diet” yogurts.

Water with lemon throughout the day

A glass of water is the first thing you have to remember, barely awake. This is the best way to start the metabolism, start the process clean of toxins and to get all the body’s defense system.

To ensure that the water turned into a detox facility, you should not forget to drink sufficient amount of it throughout the day, and to enhance the effectiveness of this method of purification to add to the water lemon, ginger, mint or even not be lazy to cook for myself for the whole day refreshing fruit detoxing water.

Purify the body and mind

Movement is life: the most effective way to get rid of extra pounds gathered over the long cold winter, is to spend more calories than you consume. Find your sport: it can be a small jog in the mornings or evenings, dance lessons, gym, sections for sports, pool and much more. Wellbeing, healthy skin and beautiful provided you metabolism, the body will discard all unnecessary, and you meet the first warm days in great shape and bright, feminine clothes of your dreams.

For a good mood and stress reliever is perfect meditation, and for those who this kind of activity is not to their liking, we suggest a positive attitude, listen more to your favorite music and not to neglect the creative activities. Remember that body and mind are closely interrelated, and much easier you will be able to cope with the purification of your body, if the soul be configured to light changes and will not be afraid of long and hard work on their weaknesses.

We count calories

Counting calories is one of the most effective ways to create a healthy and balanced diet without excesses. To calculate your individual daily calorie, you can use almost any of the numerous programs and calculators to make a rough menu for the week ahead.

Knowing the number of calories consumed and controlling it, and taking into account the quality of food and the right combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, you will be able to “reconfigure” himself to proper nutrition and force your body to work like a clock. As a bonus — the health of the whole body, fat loss and excellent health.—

Enter a reasonable and effective limits

No detox diet will not work if you continue to systematically afford to take liberties in the form of harmful sweets, pastries, fried and too fatty foods. Too salty or spicy foods are also unlikely to help your body cleanse itself of toxins and will only aggravate the situation. In the spring give priority to fresh and natural products, plant food, boldly refusing fast food, simple carbohydrates and other enemies of the ideal body and a healthy body.

Competent body care

Observing all the rules of proper nutrition and doing physical activity, don’t forget to love your body and care for him.

Don’t forget about natural face scrubs and body, home teeth whitening and moisturizing masks. Try to go for a massage or SPA treatments, and pay special attention to your nails and hair, exhausted after a cold. After winter, our skin especially needs a whole complex of vitamins, to be beautiful and radiant.

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