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Scientists have named the reasons for which pupils spoil the teeth

Ученые назвали причины, из-за которых у школьников портятся зубыBecause of this, many adolescents have serious problems with their teeth.

All parents instill their children almost from birth how important it is to properly care for the oral cavity: brush teeth regularly, use dental floss, visit the dentist twice a year. And most obedient boys and girls really trying to follow that advice. How surprised parents are when they turn out to have no time for their offspring to change the teeth from being destroyed. It turns out that dental health can affect other factors.

To hold pieces of ice in your mouth seems like a perfectly harmless habit. This happens usually when students drink soda from plastic cups purchased at a fast food restaurant.

In fact, to keep the ice in your mouth and the more biting of his dangerous. Because of this the enamel on appear small cracks, which will eventually increase and the tooth is destroyed.

If your child has this habit, have him or her drink chilled water or drinks is without ice.
Sports cap without

You wouldn’t play hockey without a helmet, isn’t it? To protect their teeth on the playing field is no less important than wearing a helmet and other protective gear.

Doctors have estimated that about 5 million teeth are knocked out every year in sports venues.

This most often happens during activities such contact sports as basketball, soccer, lacrosse, water Polo, hockey, softball, skateboarding, Rugby, mixed martial arts.

To prevent loss of teeth, need to wear a mouth guard.

Mouth guards vary in level of protection:

lightweight protection suitable for children who play sports with a small level of contact, as in volleyball, for example;
medium protection for tougher sports: basketball, soccer, Rugby and softball;
heavy protection suits, boxers and sportsmen who study martial arts;
extra protection for those engaged in sports with high probability of intense clashes, for example, kickboxing.
Also, the protection does not hurt during sports that use sticks in the immediate vicinity of the player, for example, hockey or lacrosse.

To do tongue piercing

It’s not a habit, but a real fashion trend that could cost parents a fortune, when you have to restore all the teeth. Here are just a few potential problems, the cause of which is just a tongue piercing.
it can RUB the gums and cause permanent recession (a disease in which falls the gums and exposing the root of the tooth) gums, leading to sensitivity of the tooth and its loss;
mouth live millions of bacteria, and decorations can encourage their development and accumulation, creating a unhealthy environment;
multiple touch of decoration to the teeth can damage the enamel or to dull the sensitivity, so the teenager can accidentally bite down on the piercing;
in some cases, a tongue piercing can lead to holes between teeth due to multiple touches at one point.

Teeth are designed to eat and beautiful smile! Any other use could harm their health.
Remind your teenager that his teeth are not the knives and scissors.

Of course, at some point, it may seem convenient, for example, open a packet of potato chips, hold the pin, remove the cap from the bottle with my teeth, but it can lead to chipped or broken teeth.
To chew pens and pencils

Is an unconscious action, the student usually does when attempting to focus on the task. But in this moment there is very strong pressure on the teeth that over time can lead to breakage or cracks in the enamel.

If the kids are doing at the moment when nervous, it is better to offer them less harmful things like sugar-free gum.

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