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Scientists have described how smog affects children

Ученые рассказали, как смог влияет на детейChildren in wheelchairs need extra protection

The studies were conducted in China, where one of the highest levels of air pollution. It turned out that besides the negative impact on General physical condition, could cause sustained stress in children affects their psyche and behavior.
Scientists report that the higher the pollution level, the more symptoms of depression and stress.

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It is noted that smog can cause changes in the hormonal system, which is especially dangerous for growing bodies. Smog affects all major cities in the world, and the solution of this problem requires a systematic approach at the highest governmental and international levels, the scientists conclude. But the most obvious and simple solution — as often as possible to fresh air, away from the slopes and businesses.

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It was found that children in wheelchairs need extra protection, because at this level is extremely polluted layer of air.

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