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Scientists call unexpected consequences of frequent family quarrels

Ученые назвали неожиданные последствия частых семейных ссорIt turns out that the scandals in the family can lead to serious diseases.

Usually, during family quarrels, someone plays the role of the attacker, and someone holding back emotions and not show his irritation, concealing resentment and anger in the soul. And in that and in other case, the couple’s health is compromised.

Scientists came to the conclusions that should force everyone who is married, think

California scientists twenty years was working on his study which tried to determine what the consequences of family quarrels are waiting on a couple in the future. They gathered about a hundred volunteers who participated in the project along with their spouses.

The experiment participants had to undergo a medical examination every 5 years and visit psychotherapeutic consultations, during which the pair talked about their everyday concerns, quarrels, conflicts and misunderstandings have occurred recently.

The scientists compared the medical history and family relationships of each pair, the result of which came to the conclusions:

– the showdown and a shout out in the family leads to the development of cardiovascular diseases;

emotional stiffness, reticence provokes the emergence of problems with the spine, pain in the neck and back;

– holding grudges and desire for revenge is close at all can drive a man mad, or to provoke the emergence of cancer cells in his body;

– outbreaks of aggression, and increased tearfulness bring men and women to hypertension.

Moreover, every year the situation will worsen if the scandals are the place to be. By the way, this study involved couples who have lived together for more than 10 years and at the end of the study the majority of study participants had the above health problems.

Now need to think about their future, because of daily conflicts, in a few years can lead to the fact that one of the spouses or both will start to hurt, and the past cannot go back and change anything will.

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