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New rules of inspection: why is an unexpected joy of motorists

New rules of inspection: why is an unexpected joy of motorists TASS news Agency of Russia © Vitaly Belousov/TASS As it may sound blasphemous, but thanks to the epidemic have managed to solve some problems that previously seemed intractable. A clear example of this change in the law on inspection, …

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Named unexpected risk factor for premature death

During the 13 years of the study died of 1200 subjects.Scientists from the University of Michigan has stated that elderly people with a poor sense of smell, the risk of death in the next 10 years after the test is much higher than the rest. In the study, scientists, which …

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Named unexpected cause of obesity

These harmful substances also disturb the metabolism. Severe forms of obesity in humans provokes a normal room or office the dust. To such conclusion scientists from Duke University in Durham, the results of the study were published in the pages of scientific publication Science Daily. The experts analyzed about 200 …

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Named seven unexpected causes of numbness of the limbs

Especially be wary about those who have hands and feet numb in the morning. Waking up in the morning I feel stiffness in the hands, feet and back? Do not ignore this symptom, writing off all the awkward posture and lack of sleep, writes the Chronicle.Info with reference to Нealthy …

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