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Scientists call unexpected cause of diabetes

Ученые назвали неожиданную причину возникновения сахарного диабетаLack of sleep leads to type II diabetes.

According to British researchers, children with small periodicities sleep has a predisposition to develop type II diabetes.

A study of more than 4,500 British children, found a link between lack of sleep in children and specific risk markers of diabetes. Children who slept fewer hours each night tended to show greater insulin resistance.

Insulin is a hormone that regulates the level of sugar in the blood. When the body begins to reject insulin, this may be a consequence of the occurrence of the second type of diabetes.

Thus, the results of the study increase the likelihood that children lack of sleep can affect the chances of occurrence of diabetes or other diseases for several years, says the researcher of the University of London Christopher Owen.

According to Owen, the results suggest that extra sleep may be a “simple, cost-effective approach to reducing body fat level and the basic “Wellness vaccine” against type II diabetes”.

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