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Psychologists told how to love yourself

Психологи рассказали, как полюбить себяExpert advice will be necessary for all, who have forgotten about the need to love and respect myself.

Psychologists say that people can’t love someone if you truly will love yourself. Thanks to a faithful sense of its own people will feel the inner harmony and emotional inspiration, no stress in this state for him – not a barrier and no reason to despair. Mental health is important to preserve, as well as the heart and other vital organs and systems, therefore, doctors insist on the cultivation of self-love, and it can be done with the help of their valuable tips:

Do not ignore your feelings. Many people are trying to shut down from certain situations and pretend that nothing is happening. In fact, they are as worried as those who “shut down” does not know how. To love yourself, you need to learn to meet any situation with uplifted eyes, and try not to pay attention to their own feelings.

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We should not justify their aggression. Easy to hide behind the mask of “I’m evil” and to take your anger out on others. If you have someone and something annoying, then look for the cause in itself, and then is to negotiate with them about what health = kindness, tenderness, respect, compassion and other nice traits. But anger, aggression, anger, and scandal only ruin your health, what loving a person can not allow that.

Selfishness is not your Forte, if you want to love yourself. Many confuse the concept of self-love and self-love, becoming selfish. The more you give, the more you love and the stronger your personal love of yourself.

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Treat yourself like a married couple for their long-awaited and beloved children. Take care of your physical and spiritual health daily. Live every day as though it were your last and try yourself not to refuse ( within reason). Trust, love and respect of their loved ones. Build for themselves financial fortress – anyone can do it, the main thing – to want. Having money will allow you not to infringe that gives you positive emotions and makes you love life even more.

Hear from experienced psychologists, which is not bad advice. Their recommendations can be useful to you, so make a note – in any unclear/difficult situations we must continue to love yourself and then others.

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