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Psychologists told how to learn to say “no”

Психологи подсказали, как научиться говорить "нет"Expert advice will help you to increase stress resistance and to not be dependent on the opinions of other people.

Very often many of us have to experience the stress of having someone constantly about something asks. To deny, as it seems at first sight impossible. And, having collected will in a fist, we go to meet others, help them, and eventually become the kind of characters all around use.

The nervous system suffers greatly at those moments when a person performs a request for someone, though. But there is a solution – you need to learn to say “no” and otherwise to increase their own stress.

How to say “no” if someone asks to do something:

1. Try not to offend the interlocutor. A request may ask a loved one, friend, relative, colleague and so on, so in order not to spoil relations with them, you need to learn how loyal they refuse. When you say “no, I have to add that I would very much like to help but are unable for one reason or another. Do not hesitate in this case to tell the truth. For example, you are asked to walk with the dog, and you don’t like dogs or are afraid of them. And the answer, pointing to the real cause which not allow you to execute such request.

2. Be confident in your refusal. If you said no and you still continue to persuade, the more likely you were not convincing and do not believe their own words. Be principled, “not” the word “never” and no one and nothing should make you change your mind.

3. Offer another solution to the problem. Maybe you can help, but in a different way, more convenient for you. After all, give the same important result, and it is important for you not to deviate from their beliefs and feel comfortable.

Remember that your emotional health is much more important than someone’s ambitions. If you start to constantly agree to things, then soon you will become the person that you all “go” and gratitude in response not wait. So learn to refuse even the closest and most beloved people in cases when another person makes you angry, makes you step over your principles, makes it impossible to be calm and satisfied.

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