Sunday , September 24 2017

In Moscow, the man fell on the subway tracks

In Moscow at the station “Kuntsevskaya”, the man fell on the rails. The victim survived, he was hospitalized with bruises and a broken arm. The incident occurred today, January 29, at the station “Kuntsevskaya”. For an unknown reason, the passenger fell on the lane composition. The witnesses appealed to the …

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This spice can significantly improve your memory

Rosemary is widely used in folk medicine for several centuries. Studies show that this plant contains ursolic acid — a substance that fights free radicals that damage the brain with age. It has other acids that prevent radical damage to DNA molecules. And rosemary prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine — …

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Crimea: the Sky lit up yellow and blue color

According to one version, this unusual phenomenon is the result of refraction of light urban ice crystals. Over the occupied Kerch yesterday it was possible to see unusual Northern lights resembled the colors of the national Ukrainian flag. This is reported by Russian media. On Saturday evening, about 22 hours, …

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