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How to quickly get rid of bloating: simple tips

Как быстро избавиться от вздутия живота: простые советыAll of us have ever experienced the discomfort of bloating.

But some people can torment and the pain! Among the causes of malnutrition or the body’s response to certain foods.

As a rule, the stomach and intestines is half filled with gas. It appears because of the bacteria that help digest food. Still guilty carbonated beverages and certain products, such as sweets, beans, potatoes and others.

Really don’t need much effort to get rid of bloating. Enough to limit yourself to a diet or try a few simple exercises.

1. In the morning drink a glass of warm water with lemon

A glass of water with lemon juice for 15 minutes or half an hour before meals helps to settle stomach acid get rid of heartburn and bloating.

2. Try not to drink milk and coffee for Breakfast

Milk and caffeine increases the acidity of the stomach. Try to replace coffee with green tea instead of milk to drink yogurt or kefir.

3. Drink the tea before meals

Before meals is useful to drink a Cup not really hot green or chamomile tea. It calms the stomach and ginger tea helps to relieve spasms and as a result helps prevent bloating.

4. Reduce the amount of foods rich in fiber

Fiber is an essential part of our diet but its excessive use can lead to bloating. It contains the following products: beans, cabbage, potatoes, onions, apples, pears, peaches and others.

5. Refrain from fatty foods

The body needs more time to digest fatty foods, from which she lingers longer in the stomach and promotes the formation of more amounts of gases. Also, in addition to swelling, you may feel heaviness in the abdomen, which adds extra discomfort.

6. Eat slowly

During too rapid eating, snacking on the go, talking with food in the stomach can get more air than usual. Try to carefully chew your meals and do not overeat.

7. Ditch unhealthy habits

Drinking alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach slows and can lead to various diseases associated with the digestive system.

Same thing with Smoking. Besides the fact that it can contribute to the development of lung cancer, with every inhaling we ingest some amount of air that enters the stomach and provokes flatulence.

8. Less salt food

Salt retains water in the body, and it can cause bloating. It is contained in the ready-made products, so try less salt food when cooking.

9. Not to wash down food

When you wash down a meal with any drinks, they dilute stomach acid which makes digestion of food. Should also give up carbonated drinks that cause bloating.

10. Exercise

In addition to restrictions in the diet, simple physical exercises will also help to get rid of bloating. This requires that you lie on your back, pull the bent leg towards the torso and clasp them with your hands. In this position, stay for a few minutes. Repeat the exercise up to 10 times.

11. Reduce stress levels

Stress negatively affects digestion and the condition of the body. Try to sleep at night and relax more.

These simple tips will help you to get rid of bloating and unnecessary discomfort. Be healthy!

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