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Optimal sports for the elderly

Оптимальные виды спорта для пожилых людейSport is good at any age.

All doctors come to a unanimous opinion that moderate exercise is essential for health and well-being of older people. Sports contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus, strengthening immunity and normalize sleep.

We learned from the expert in the field of elderly care, what kind of sports it is better to choose an elderly person. Above all, however, he recalled: reread how to add on the agenda of the new physical activity, be sure to visit the doctor and consult, this is especially true for those who have any chronic disease.

Definitely need to clarify whether it is possible to engage in a selected sport, are there any restrictions on the duration or single item (for example, people who have had eye surgery or on the head, is contraindicated asanas in yoga, which assume a position upside down).

Before the sport, paired with navigation on the ground, it is necessary to exclude the presence of cognitive impairment, since their presence there is a danger of getting lost.

Before any physical activity it is important to do a little workout. And it is better to do a little at a leisurely pace, observing their condition. Definitely need to remember that the goal of exercise in adulthood is not to achieve impressive results and to maintain your health, and at the slightest signs of discomfort you need to stop the exercise and see a doctor.


It has beneficial effects on the body of any person, and seniors are no exception. While swimming strengthens the abdominal muscles, back, arms and legs, but the stress on the joints is minimal, since the person is in a state of hydrostatic weightlessness, so swimming can be enjoyed even for people with diseases of locomotor apparatus, or after injury, for example, when recovery after hip fracture.

Not to mention the fact that classes in the cool water, improve immunity, shown in diseases of the cardiovascular system, improve blood circulation.


This complex of static exercises as if specially created for the elderly – because first and foremost aimed at maintaining muscle tone and improving joint mobility. During yoga, deep breathing, the body oxygenated, improves posture. Regular practice harmonizes the internal state.

Many elderly people who regularly practice yoga report less joint pain and lower blood pressure. However, it is worth remembering that in older age the risk of injury due to incorrect exercise technique is much higher, so you need to deal with in the presence of an experienced instructor familiar with the characteristics of the organism of elderly people.


In order that this morning with a tune in a positive way, it is useful to carry a small charge. The essence of the morning set of exercises is to stir up all the joints.

You can start with the tilts and rotations of the head. Then flexion and extension of fingers, the rotation of the brush, stretching and bending arms in the elbow joint and forearm rotation, swing and rotation the arm. You can then move on to workout the legs is to perform several rotations of the feet, exercise “scissors” and “Bicycle”. This simple activity, performed regularly, will become an excellent prevention of osteoporosis and immobility of the joints.


For those who love long walks, the best option will be Nordic walking (that is, with special poles). At this walking decreases the risk of injury, as the focus on poles adds extra stability and relieves stress on knee and hip joints, which is especially important for the elderly. Besides, Nordic walking strengthens not only the muscles of the lower half of the body, but back, press, hands, since they too are involved.

Attention! While focusing on the stick and reduces the risk of falls, still not worth it to Nordic walking in winter, when sidewalks and walkways are covered with snow and ice, as there is a risk to slip and fall, and a fall in adulthood threat.


A great alternative to Nordic walking during the winter months will be the skiing. If there is a nearby forest or Park, you should definitely use this opportunity.

Skiing uses all muscle groups, and the cold air helps to resist colds. Skiing will also help fight insomnia, which often affects elderly people, and help to sleep quickly.


One of the safest sports. With the right approach, the probability of injury is minimal as the load is distributed evenly to all the muscles. In addition, the load on the musculoskeletal system as a whole is small, but constant, which contributes to its gradual strengthening.

Ping-pong improves coordination of movements and maintaining vision, because the ball moves quickly, you need to keep it in sight and to be at the right time in the right place.


Do not forget that in addition to the muscles in regular training also needs the brain of an elderly person. In this regard, it is useful to learn chess. During the game, actively working both hemispheres of the brain: the left is responsible for logical thinking and the development of chains of moves, and the right for abstract thinking and prediction of consequences of the turn, enemy action.

Plus, it trains short-term and long-term memory, because during the game you need to keep in mind prior to the moves, rules, the experience of the previous parties. Such mental exercises help to prevent cognitive impairment.

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