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Oncologists announced the probable reasons of development of blood cancer

Онкологи озвучили вероятные причины развития рака крови Knowing the precursors of leukemia, everyone will be able to prevent the development of this disease.

Blood cancer, leukemia or leukemia is one of the worst varieties of cancer, which literally destroys the hematopoietic system.

Doctors distinguish between two types of blood cancers – chronic and acute, so in chronic leukemia the patient has more chances of recovery than acute. But in any case, the fundamental role played by the timely diagnosis of cancer or its absence.

Oncologists warn that the detection of leukemia at an early stage of development allows to increase the possibility of a speedy recovery and facilitate the healing process.

The first signs of blood cancer:

– pain in the upper abdomen;

– aching in bones and pain in the joints;

– almost not stoped bleeding, repeated very often;

– enlargement of the liver and lymph nodes;

– weakness in the body and lethargy;

– a weak immune system, due to which man constantly catches the virus of the disease;

– frequent urination.

If you notice the above signs that may indicate the development of leukemia, immediately go to your GP and get a complete body examination. No bones about it, because blood cancer develops very quickly and stop this process yourself you will not succeed. Oncologists argue that more patients with leukemia die due to late treatment to the experts, when there is no chance to fight against cancer.

The causes that provoke the development of blood cancer, which everyone should know:

1. Genetic predisposition. Doctors are constantly faced with the fact that blood cancer is a disease that is often inherited. Therefore, those who in the family was sick with leukemia, should be attentive to their health and more likely to pass a special examination.

2. An improper diet. A surplus of carcinogens, preservatives and other chemical additives in foods is the path to the development of cancer of the blood. This may also include regular intake of antibiotics, depletes the body from the inside.

3. The radiation exposure. People living in areas where exceeded the level of radiation, automatically fall into the risk of all types of cancer, including blood cancer.

4. Depressed immune system. If the human body does not produce enough immune cells that perform a protective function, cancer cells are much easier to develop, because nothing stops.

Oncologists attribute the stress to the list of reasons for the development of leukemia and other cancers because of the hormone cortisol, which increases significantly after suffering nervous shock, promotes the formation of malignant tumors in the human body.

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