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Nutritionists told me how before the New year to lose 10 kg

Диетологи подсказали, как до Нового года сбросить 10 кг Season weight loss for the New year has officially begun.

Nutritionists strongly opposed to people observe any strict system nutrition for weight loss and thus ruin their health together with excess weight. Nearing new year’s eve, or rather, to the left of the month, so most women and some men who are dissatisfied with their figure, are all these four weeks to torture ourselves for the sake of a good result, but in vain, because experts believe that to lose 10 kg in that time – a mere trifle.

No strict diets, but only limits

Experts on weight loss recommend to look at the four-week method, through which you can significantly improve the shape, getting rid of 10 kilos or more, as well as to cleanse and heal the body from within.

Food rules in December:

Avoid alcohol and all products that are not listed in the approximate menu. FAS food, cakes, candy, chips, soda, pastries, fatty meat, sausages, and any alcoholic drinks will interfere with you effectively to lose weight, so at least for the time you have to give them up.

How to eat the first week? In the morning, drink freshly squeezed fruit juices and eat boiled eggs with toasted whole grain or rye bread, at lunch you can eat a serving of vegetable soup with greens and a piece of boiled lean meat and a salad of seasonal vegetables with vegetable oil, and for dinner a Cup of yogurt and a serving of cottage cheese.

Menu second week. Breakfast: a glass of natural yoghurt with no additives. Lunch: boiled chicken and fresh salad, cottage cheese with berries or sliced fruit. Dinner: vegetable salad with slices of grapefruit and orange, a glass of kefir.

Menu of the third week. Breakfast buckwheat porridge is permitted and any portion of stewed vegetables. At lunch you can eat vegetable broth, buckwheat and a salad of fresh vegetables with herbs, lemon juice and olive oil. For dinner serving steamed vegetables and any whole fruit.

Menu of the fourth week. Breakfast is the same as on the third week, but with a glass of kefir or yogurt. Dinners again, as in the first week. Dinner – steamed vegetables, cottage cheese with fruit and a Cup of yogurt.

Sure, in the next month not only to eat according to the rules above diets, but also to move more, New year if you want to meet, not only thin, but also toned.

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