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The climate-change religion: How long before human sacrifices?

History teaches us that some ancient civilisations killed their children to change the weather. They used to practice child sacrifice to appease their gods in an attempt to court their good graces. Those primitive peoples believed that through human sacrifice, the forces of nature could be coerced in their favour. …

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‘Months or years’ before US arms reach Ukraine – media

Years could pass before some of the weapons in the upcoming “largest ever” package of US military assistance to Kiev actually reach Ukraine, according to Western media reports. On Tuesday, a number of mainstream media outlets cited anonymous US officials as describing the impending announcement of a $3 billion package …

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Never-before-seen photos from Gitmo revealed by NYT

The New York Times has published never-before-seen photos from the infamous US-run detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The US began extra-judicially detaining and extraditing inmates from the Middle East and elsewhere to the off-shore prison shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The photos were obtained from the National Archives using …

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World as vulnerable as before Covid – WHO

When it comes to future pandemics, a lack of progress on international health regulation coupled with economic woes may have left the world in a “worse place” than before the onset of Covid-19, according to a new World Health Organization (WHO) report. The international community’s pandemic-response tools are still inadequate, …

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Ukraine lend-lease proposed before war

The scheme to send US weapons to Ukraine, using the “lend-lease” formula pioneered during WWII to skirt neutrality laws, was officially approved by Congress this week. However, it was put together all the way back in January – more than a month before Moscow recognized the Donbass republics as independent …

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NATO protection promised to Sweden before membership – media

The US and UK have given Sweden “concrete promises” of military protection between its application to join NATO and its formal acceptance into the alliance, Aftonbladet reported on Monday. Although neutral since the 19th century, Sweden is reportedly preparing to abandon its policy of non-alignment and join the US-led military …

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