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Nutritionists called healthy drink for effective weight loss

Диетологи назвали полезный напиток для эффективного похуденияHow to lose weight with the help of turmeric.

To get rid of excess weight, not necessarily to go on a diet or sweating in the gym. Simply drinking a cocktail with turmeric.

Each of us is trying to eat healthy foods that would bring only benefits to the body. However, few people know that some of the ingredients have not just a set of nutrients, but also promote weight loss. One such ingredient is turmeric.

Turmeric for weight loss how to take

To lose weight with the help of turmeric, you need to drink a special drink the morning on an empty stomach for one month. Experts say that due to the substance “curcumin”, turmeric speeds up metabolism, removes excess fluid and helps burn fat.

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Interestingly, in addition to beneficial effects on weight, eating turmeric helps to prevent the formation of blood clots, regenerates liver cells, protects the skin from premature aging and also removes puffiness.

Important: the course weight loss using turmeric for 4 weeks. Next, you need to take a break for 2-3 weeks.

Turmeric for weight loss: how to cook

To prepare the cocktail for weight loss of turmeric in a glass of warm water add half teaspoon of turmeric, stir the drink well and drink it.

Because turmeric a very special taste which is pure like not all specialists offer several options for making a cocktail:

Instead of warm water take warm low-fat milk. Lactose will make the taste more pleasant;
Add to the cocktail a teaspoon of honey – it will strengthen a beneficial effect on the heart;
If you have cellulite – replace hot water decoction of liquorice, which builds the lymph;
To enhance the effect, add to the cocktail a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon.

Important: turmeric has contra-indications. Before beginning a course of slimming should consult with your doctor.

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