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Named the healing properties of tea mate

Названы целебные свойства чая матеThis tea will help to lose weight.

Long drink mate in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and some areas of Brazil. But in recent years this drink is becoming popular in many countries around the world.

If the mate tea to drink without sugar, biscuits and cakes, it can help us lose weight. As reported by health info with reference to “Step to health”, the experts told how to drink mate tea to lose weight.

This bitter infusion, is very popular in Latin America, has many useful properties. Mate is the leaves and stems of evergreen of Holly Paraguayan. They are dried and milled to a very dry powder.

Some drink this drink with sugar, honey, and other sweeteners. But, according to the true connoisseurs of Yerba mate, “mate this” can only be powder Yerba mate and hot water.

Mate tea is brewed in special containers, “Calabash” and out of it well and drink through a special straw “bombilla”. In the summer it can be drunk cold and mixed with, for example, orange juice.

Mate have many useful properties. We list here the main of them:

1. Stimulates digestion

Due to this property, the Mat can “awaken” the digestion, and, therefore, to promote the burning “extra calories” and weight loss. This property of the drink is due to it contained “mateina” (a kind of analogue of caffeine).

It speeds up metabolism and we get rid of excess fat.

2. Soothes

Despite the fact that mate has in common with coffee, it at the same time, relaxes and calms emotions.

Why? Because it contains theobromine and theophylline (in tea, but in smaller quantities).

It is recommended to drink Yerba mate after a meal. This helps avoid the “food anxiety” and reduce stress.

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3. Gives a feeling of fullness

Mate tea gives a feeling of fullness and reduces appetite.

But it is important to remember that it can’t replace a meal because there are not many essential nutrients.

But it can help, for example, do not go for a couple of hours before dinner on buns, biscuits, etc.

Mate slows gastric emptying, and the longer we feel satiated.

4. Contains antioxidants

Because this drink is full of antioxidants, it counteracts the oxidative stress inhibits the activity of free radicals and improves skin condition.

5. Has anti-inflammatory properties

If you drink this drink several times a week, inflammation in the body weaken.

Therefore, it is highly recommended for patients with rheumatism, bronchitis, arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

6. Removes excess fluid

If we want our kidneys to work better is to drink mate.

It helps with fluid retention. Good to drink this tea in the winter when you do not want to drink a lot of water.

Other properties of tea mate

Yerba mate tea has other useful properties. For example, it limits the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. This increases the energy levels and helps burn fat.

Theophylline and theobromine contained in the urine, contribute to the expansion of the bronchi and blood oxygen saturation.


With moderate consumption of mate tea relieves fatigue, both physical and mental.

But it is important to remember that if this tea is to drink too much, it can cause insomnia, hyperactivity and problems with concentration.

On the other hand, due to its astringent properties and tannins contained therein, the Mat may cause problems with the stomach, for example, the increased acidity of gastric juice.

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How mate tea can help to lose weight

Now that we know about the beneficial properties of tea mate, learn how to cook and eat.

Options are possible

The traditional way

So it is prepared and consumed in South America. We need a vessel to the mate and bombilla.

Heat the water and before it starts to boil, pour this water mate.


You can prepare mate tea the way we make infusions of other herbs.

You can also use tea bags of mate. Tea Yerba mate can be brewed up to 8 times.

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon tea (10 g), 1 Cup of water (250 ml) 1 tablespoon sugar (10 g) (optional).


Heat the water and before it boils, remove it from heat.

Pour this water into a Cup and poured back mate tea.

Let it infused for a few minutes, then profitroom tea.

Sweeten it (you can use honey or stevia) and drink tea maximum hot.

Water mate

Cook it about the same as in the previous case, but in greater quantity. Then the drink is cooled and poured into the bottle.

Ingredients: 4 tablespoons of Yerba mate (40 g), 4 cups of water (1 liter) juice of one lemon, fresh mint leaves (optional), ice cubes.


Heat the water and before boiling take it off from heat.

Pour it into a jug, throw the Mat and let it infused for a few minutes.

Profitroi infusion and add the lemon juice.

Throw the mint leaves and ice cubes.

Mix the Yerba mate with fruit drinks

Yerba mate infusion can be mixed with different fruit or vegetable juices and smoothies.

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