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Named the best products to protect from heart disease

Названы лучшие продукты для защиты от болезней сердцаScientists from the University of Alabama at Birmingham advised to eat more fruits and vegetables containing high levels of potassium.

Food such foods protect blood vessels from atherosclerosis.

American researchers stated that you should increase your intake of foods such as spinach, carrots, oranges and bananas (although the list of potassium-rich fruits only are not limited to). Fruits and vegetables, characterized by a significant content of potassium, can help protect people from heart disease is their conclusion.

During the experiments, the researchers fed mice in the three groups feed with elevated fat level, but with different content of potassium is low, normal or high. Experts have found that nutrition background with a low level of potassium in the animal organism was formed, the deficiency of a protein called apolipoprotein E. as a result, their vessels more intensively exposed to atherosclerosis (calcification) due to the excessive amount of fat in the diet.

In contrast to this group of animals, which had recorded an increase in stiffness of arterial tissue, mice that received feed with a high potassium level, on the contrary, showed a tendency to improvement of blood vessels and arteries.

We note that recently researchers have discovered that a healthy heart reflects a lack of vitamin K in the diet (source – dark green plants). Due to its deficiency arises enlargement of the left ventricle, which is accompanied by a number of vascular pathologies.

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