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Named best product for quick weight loss

Назван лучший продукт для быстрого похуденияScientists have talked about the unusual properties of yogurt.

Scientists never cease to amaze us with new discoveries about their favorite foods.

Yogurt helps to cope with depression
This was the conclusion reached by scientists from the University of Virginia. It turns out that regular consumption of yogurt helps to cope with depression. This is due to the presence in the composition of the product useful lactobacilli that reduce the level of the hormone kynurenine, which is the main culprit for the depressed state. Definitely the relationship between lactic acid bacteria and hormone still has not been studied.

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Fat yogurt helps lose weight
Those who are watching their figure or lose weight plans Irish scientists are advised to include in the menu of fatty dairy products, particularly yogurt. According to the study, people who regularly consume cheese, milk, sour cream and cream in the body contains less fat. In addition, fans of milk do not suffer from high blood pressure, and the volume of their waist is less than those who refuse dairy products.

Yogurt can not drink coffee
This rule applies not only to coffee but also hot tea and cocoa. Researchers have shown that drinking hot drinks, food supplements and probiotic yogurt, we break the process of absorption of useful vitamins and minerals. As a result, the body loses valuable minerals and our appearance and health deteriorate.

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Greek yogurt is best burns fat
Representatives of the British dietetic Association believe that Greek yogurt has the strong effect of burning excess fat. The fact that in its production removes excess serum that reduces the amount of carbohydrates and stores useful protein. That’s why Greek yogurt should be included in your diet menus.

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