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Named a previously unknown beneficial properties of the tea

Названы ранее неизвестные полезные свойства чаяTea is a real treasure trove of substances that promote recovery and Wellness.

Besides, tea helps to regenerate skin cells and fights flaking and dryness. We offer you several recipes of tea, which will improve the skin condition.


This tea is composed of marigold flowers, red clover and lemon extract. This combination helps whiten and calm the skin. Moreover, the combination of citrus and herbs will warm you during the cold season.

Tea to moisturize the skin

In winter the skin suffers from dehydration and flaking. In addition to funds for care, it is recommended to add to your diet tea of juniper leaves, green Rooibos, hibiscus flowers, sea buckthorn, rose hips and dandelion. These components are considered the best natural moisturizers. It can also help to slow down the process of aging, provide hydration and improve skin elasticity.

Tea for cleansing

Lime, wild rose flowers and rose petals are actively fighting free radicals, help to rejuvenate the skin and give it a healthy Shine. As a result, skin is rejuvenated and has a uniform tone.

Tea for the freshness of the skin

If you have had a rough day, then boil a mixture of peppermint and ordinary, add lemongrass, lavender, orange zest and sage. This tea promotes the release of toxins and will give your skin a more fresh and rested appearance.

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