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How to save vegetables and fruit from all pesticides

Как избавить овощи и фрукты от всех пестицидовOrdinary baking soda has unique disinfectant properties

Rubbing the baking soda in fruits and vegetables can remove up to 96% of all those pesticides.

British experts have proved that using ordinary baking soda, you can remove 96% of pesticides from fruits and vegetables. When mixing baking soda with water to wash the bark of Apple and other fruits and vegetables, people can get rid of almost all widely-used pesticides in just 15 minutes. This technique is much more effective than currently applied in many countries a standard procedure of dipping fruits and vegetables in a special solution with bleach.

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The study showed that baking soda breaks down pesticides due to the high alkali content, which makes chemicals to break down into safe molecules. The researchers emphasize that many fruits and vegetables pesticides are stored, which later are eaten. In this context, concerns about the health of the people faced with these chemical substances is constantly growing. That is why experts are looking for different ways to help them solve this problem.

In the study, researchers caused widespread pesticide thiabendazole, which is able to penetrate the skin of apples, as well as phosmet organic red apples.

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Pesticides allowed to remain on these fruits in one day. Then the apples were washed, either with tap water or a special solution of bleach, or one percent baking soda mixed with water. Special electronic technology to count the number of pesticides in the products showed that in the third case in 12 minutes gentle washing the apples in the baking soda removed 80% of thiabendazole, and 15 minutes could be removed from fruit 96% phosmet.

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