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How to compensate for the protein deficiency in the body

Как возместить дефицит белка в организмеOften the lack of protein occurs not only in professional athletes.

People leading an active way of life and Vice versa – follow a diet and limiting yourself in food, do not consume meat, need more energy.

Protein (protein) is the main component, which consist of our muscles, skin, bone and other educational fabric. So, protein is a vital element, especially for children and adolescents, pregnant and lactating women: a lack of protein can lead to delayed mental and physical development.

The average daily intake of protein for an adult – 0,75 – 1,5 g of protein for every kilogram of its weight. But not everyone likes or eat meat, eggs, cheese, legumes… Even milk in its pure form like not everyone, especially children. But delicious milk cocktail with fruits – it is quite another thing. To replenish protein in the body not necessary to drink protein shakes consumed regularly engaged in the hall of athletes. Delicious and healthy for adults and children protein shakes can be prepared from the usual for us products at home. If you are allergic to citrus or fruit, and also individual intolerance of protein make these cocktails is not: it is better to consult with your doctor about the composition of the cocktails is for you.

Share with you the recipes of homemade protein shakes (based on 1 serving for an adult):

cocktail of yogurt with orange. You need to take 100 ml of yogurt (nonfat), 100 ml of orange juice (preferably freshly squeezed) and some peeled orange slices (about 30 g). All this mix in a blender until smooth

cocktail of apples and cinnamon with protein. You will need only egg whites (70-80 g is about 6-7 egg whites), 150 g peeled apples 100 ml of milk (can be soy), one and a half teaspoons of cinnamon (ground). First, mix the apples with the squirrels, then, in blender, to the mass added milk and cinnamon and again everything is thoroughly whipped

smoothie with pomegranate and berries. Have 150 ml juice of pomegranate, 70 g of egg white (5-6 egg whites), 180 g of yogurt nonfat, 150-170 g of berries: it may be cranberries, currants, strawberries according to your taste. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed in a blender and drink is ready!

Depending on your taste and preferences of loved ones you can come up with recipes protein shake: with grapefruit instead of orange and other berries.Also more healthy and nutritious mix will be, if you add nuts – almonds, Greek etc.

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