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How to bring the temperature down without pills: harmless ways

Как сбить температуру без таблеток: безвредные способыHomemade methods of lowering the temperature will not cause harm.

Antipyretic effect can be achieved without medicines, especially in traditional medicine there is no one method to bring the temperature down without taking chemical drugs.

These methods of temperature reduction was used by several generations before us:

Plenty of warm drinks. The more warm water the patient will drink, the faster from the body will see the virus, respectively, the body temperature will begin to decline. You can drink not only water, but also dog rose decoction, because it has diuretic properties.

A rubdown. No need to wipe with vodka or vinegar, enough to wet the towel in cool water and wipe off their limbs, torso and face. Then you need to wait until the body dries.

Ice compresses. To crush the ice and place it in a plastic bag, wrap with a towel and put on the forehead or under your knees for 5 minutes, as the compress. After 20 minutes the temperature will drop by 1-2 degrees.

Enema. This method is one of the more unpleasant, but effective. You need to use plain water with a temperature slightly lower than body temperature of the patient. Also, water for enema you need to add salt half a teaspoon on 100 ml of water. Little children you cannot enter more than 0.5 l of water, those who are older than 10 years – from 1 l

Jam. In this case, suitable raspberry, currant, orange, strawberry jam. Not everyone knows that these fruits and berries are a natural medicine that is antipyretic means. It is advisable to use jam with unsweetened green tea.

Using these methods to eliminate high body temperature, you no longer have to drink packs antipyretic drugs. Especially these tools against the high temperature would have a beneficial effect on the child’s body, not damaging it with chemicals.

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