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Harmless alcoholic beverages for those who are on a diet

New year’s eve stop the choice on them. The Christmas holidays can not do without alcohol. Cheerful feast has to drink spirits. But sometimes in the festive euphoria is difficult to control the amount of alcohol consumed and not to try different alcoholic drinks. Not surprisingly, the morning after the …

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These harmless habits “kill” a car

Motorists on the note. To the right— does not mean to completely master the art of driving, one of the most complex consumer devices. Sitting behind the wheel of the newcomer from the first day slowly begins to acquire habits and well, if there is a knowledgeable person who is …

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How to bring the temperature down without pills: harmless ways

Homemade methods of lowering the temperature will not cause harm. Antipyretic effect can be achieved without medicines, especially in traditional medicine there is no one method to bring the temperature down without taking chemical drugs. These methods of temperature reduction was used by several generations before us: Plenty of warm …

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Detoxification of the body: the named six harmless ways

Nutritionists recommend to use the available products to cleanse the body. For purification of the gastrointestinal tract and the whole body will not need to drink any medication or doing all hated enemas. It is enough to use the already known recipes from dietitians that allow no harm to clean …

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