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How not to get sick before the New year

Как не заболеть гриппом перед Новым годом Physicians are reminded about effective ways to prevent the flu and colds.

Before the New year 2018 is only a few days and the prospect of be laid up in a hospital bed with the flu hardly anyone draws. But nothing can be done, the court of winter, and this means that the risk of catching SARS and influenza increased hundreds of times compared with the summer period.

First at risk are children and the elderly, and pregnant women and people who have weakened immune system.

What to do to avoid getting the flu right before the New year?

To observe the rules of hygiene. The bulk of germs to enter the body through hand contact with the mouth, that is, a person takes dirty hands and apples, eating it, absorbing along with it a million different microorganisms, including pathogenic. Therefore, in the season of colds and flu should wash their hands more often than usual.

To avoid crowded places. It is known that one of the ways of transmission – airborne, so in places where a lot of people around you, you are at risk of getting the flu. In consequence of which doctors advise for some time to keep away from such places, as well as excessive communication with others.

More walk in the fresh air. On the street the bacteria don’t live long, but indoors – on the contrary. In this regard, it is logical several times a day to go for a walk to protect themselves from flu and other viruses.

Rinse the nose at least twice a day. Normal saline solution not only clears the nose from dirt, but also moisturizes the mucosa and the pathogens in this environment will not survive.

If you do get sick, do not hesitate and immediately call the doctor at home. The sooner you get diagnosed, the sooner you start treatment, and this means that the New year will be to get rid of the symptoms of viral diseases or at least reduce them.

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