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Gastric cancer: who is threatened and how to avoid

Рак желудка: кому грозит и как избежатьOncologists have pointed to the precursors of cancer of the stomach and methods that could help prevent the development of this disease.

Gastric cancer is the process of degeneration of epithelial cells into malignant. This cancer is one of the most popular in the world, because its causes become chronic ailments of the stomach and other digestive organs, which subjected virtually all.

Probable causes of stomach cancer:

– precancerous chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, neoplastic tumors and so on;

– the use of carcinogenic foods and beverages rich in preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers: salt, strong alcohol, smoked, grilled red meat and so on;

– medication, in particular aspirin and hormonal;

– infection of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori and Candida fungus;

– a deficiency of vitamins C and E;

– a hereditary factor when close relatives had experienced similar disease;

– dysplasia or metaplasia of the stomach wall.

Prevention of stomach cancer:

Doctors recommend to conduct a correct lifestyle, less nervous, because some diseases develop on the background of stress and mental strain.

If there are any diseases of the stomach, which may cause cancer, they should immediately be treated.

Be sure to eat a balanced and not to eat those foods that provoke such a serious disease like cancer or stomach ulcers.

It is very important when the first symptoms pointing to cancer of the digestive tract, seek immediate medical help. The faster this ailment is diagnosed, the better chance the patient has for full recovery.

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