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Foods that help to lose weight

Продукты, которые помогут похудетьNot all products are suitable for the final meal.

A few years ago, all carefully adhered to the General rule according to which it was impossible to eat after 18 hours.

Now experts in nutrition refuted this statement, because it’s too average figures. Correct there about 2 hours before bedtime. So you won’t be hungry and fall asleep easily, not having at the last moment, RAID the refrigerator.

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However, not all products are suitable for the final meal, because it is important to consider the physiological characteristics of the organism. By the evening all the processes in our body slows down and it starts to get ready for bed. Therefore, it is not necessary to overeat and overindulge in carbohydrates, the energy from which you will not have time to spend. This means that is eaten before bedtime bun definitely deposited on your waist. But what is to replace it, not to gain weight? About it the newspaper kitchenmag.ru told nutritionists.

The best food on the evening is the digestible protein contained in chicken eggs. Make an omelet with tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach, complemented by a simple leaf salad. This is perfect dinner for those who lose weight, but wants to keep firmer skin and a toned body.

Poultry meat
Another classic option for all dieters dinner will be chicken or Turkey with vegetables. Cook white meat steamed or grilled without the use of butter and add any green vegetables. However, a light vegetable salad with a little olive oil is also very suitable.

Lean fish
Continuing the theme of protein dinners, we invite you to pay attention to of lean fish — cod or hake. But keep in mind that if the day you can add fish carbohydrate side dish like rice, then in the evening from this should be abandoned in favor of the same vegetables. In an extreme case, cook in the oven for sweet potatoes, which will make the dish more hearty, but it did not increase the level of blood sugar.

Steamed vegetables
Since we so frequently mentioned vegetables, 1-2 times a week, you can afford to eat for dinner. This kind of discharge will improve digestion and will allow you to better control your weight. Make the main emphasis on cabbage different varieties, mushrooms and green beans, but cook them without oil and with a minimal amount of salt. A little olive oil, you can add in a bowl and salt better replace with spices and dried herbs.

Dairy products
We all know that dairy products are also a source of protein, but it is not so clear. Some scientists argue that low-fat cottage cheese and a glass of kefir are perfect as a dietary dinner, while others believe that these foods can trigger swelling, if consumed in the evening. Listen to your body and if you don’t see a negative reaction, feel free to eat these healthy low-calorie foods for dinner.

In addition to protein, milk contains tryptophan — an amino acid involved in the synthesis of melatonin, which regulates our circadian rhythms and makes it easier to fall asleep. No wonder our grandmothers were advised to drink warm milk at night. Let’s heed their advice, because a healthy sleep is a guarantee that the next day you will not be able to replenish energy for more calories.

Do not be surprised that in our list of the best products on the evening we turned on the berries. They are low in calories but rich in fiber and antioxidants. Berries, and vegetables, will help to improve peristalsis and to feel better. But keep in mind that fruit in the afternoon really is completely avoided.

This product is best suited to those who are not just watching, but actively involved in sports. In the days of intense training consume a protein complex, which can now be found in any sports nutrition store, instead of dinner, or in addition to vegetables. This will help you not only lose weight but also to increase muscle mass, forming beautiful body.

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