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Five simple ways to start a healthy lifestyle

Пять несложных способов начать здоровый образ жизниThe main thing – to make the first move.

By following these simple setups, you will be able to organize yourself and loved ones to stay active and healthy.

According to Android, the Ukrainians – one of the most active Nations. The company analyzed data from the phones with their software from around the world and made a rating based on the number of steps that people do in one country or another. Our results are relatively good, but there is still work to be done. Healthy eating and physical activity – the guarantee of health of the whole country. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Be active every day

Parents – a good example for children. If you think that your baby is sat at a computer, remember when the last time was glued to the TV screen or phone in order to play sports. Adults, like children, need to allocate at least an hour a day for different activities, this includes even a long walk. 3 times a week doctors recommend to do exercises for muscle load.

Choose water

No matter how delicious or was coffee, tea (especially with sugar), not to mention a variety of sodas, preference should be given to the water. First, water is the best thirst quencher. Secondly, it will help to fight thirst often masquerades as hunger. If I wanted a sweet – better to eat whole fruit and not drink the juice. For children is very helpful milk – it will provide the body with the necessary calcium.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Daily consumption of fruits and vegetables helps the body to properly develop, operate and reduces the risk of many chronic diseases. Ideally, you should eat 2 fruit and 5 vegetables a day. Try to include them in your meals or eat separately.

Take a break from the screen

Overweight and obesity is a direct consequence of the fact that you resisted the temptation to watch the extra series or play a favorite toy. Excessive sitting at the screen not only give you positive emotions, but also bring health problems. Play football, take a hike or Quad bike – move!

Refrain from harmful snacks

Crackers, chips and chocolate for a snack – our enemy.

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