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Experts tell how to restrict children from harmful food

Эксперты рассказали, как правильно ограничить детей от вредной едыNow your child will eat healthy.

Children and junk food – the question is urgent, because almost every child at least once in his life, but tried any of the fast food. It can be burgers, chips, French fries, Coca-Cola, or chocolate bars. And many children already have a relationship from such a meal.

Child srednego school age and older can consume these foods outside the home (outside of parental control and without their knowledge), alas, but it is inevitable. However, what is consumed at home (at least partially) should be under the supervision of parents. A ban on all junk food is not perfect. This can only lead to a global protest, especially in the teenage age of the child. However, junk food should be controlled.

Establish ground rules

Should clearly define and establish the rules of consumption of junk food. To start gently and tactfully discuss what products and how do fast food, look at videos on YouTube, point out that they have few beneficial ingredients, lots of flavors, addictive to such food. And that such food negatively skazyvaetsya health and appearance. Opyt after show photos from the Internet of children that love fast food. Let your child clearly see the consequences of the abuse of such food.

Then together agree on the frequency and quantity of consumption of such food, for example, once a month or only on birthdays, but no more.

Remember that fully protect children from junk food you will not be able. Alas, the society has influence on the children is not less important than parental influence.

Healthy food in exchange for harmful

It’s not Luisi option, but still… If the child loves fast food, offer him the following agreement: you occasionally allow him to eat junk food in exchange for unquestioning consumption of healthy food at home.

Again, remember that to protect the child completely from junk food you can not.

Try to compensate for the use of harmful food full homemade breakfasts, Lunches and dinners. School snacks that kids take with them must also consist of only the most useful and healthy products.

Consumption of sweets

Actively advertised chocolate bars and other sweets is a separate issue. By the way, note that many families in the lockers and refrigerators store all sorts of chocolates, candies and sweets, before which is hard to resist not only the children but also for adults. Because they are within the open access, children tend to consume them in large quantities. Remove them from the house, and forever. Sweets can and should eat, but not at home often, and no more than one sweet a day.

Parents need to act very strongly in the case if their child rebels and refuses to eat healthy foods. Your main task is to explain to her, while still immature the offspring, the consequences of consumption of unhealthy foods. Even with good examples from them so beloved by the Internet.

Fight the junk food from early childhood, since subsequently, your grown children, when faced with health problems or overweight, you can blame it you condoning or indulging their unhealthy eating habits.

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