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Experts have told how easy it is to choose the most natural watermelon

Эксперты рассказали, как легко выбрать самый натуральный арбузTips that will help you tomorrow in the market.

On the markets and supermarkets of Kiev began to massively sell watermelons. Following this, users of social networks have reported incidents of elevated nitrate levels in early fruit.

About how today is safe to eat melons, their quality control and unpleasant features of the “observer” will tell in this publication.

Danger # 1: nitrates

All “Skorospelka” require the forced action for growth in the form of feeding with nitrogenous fertilizers containing nitrates, the latter, getting together with the flesh of a watermelon or melon in the body are converted to hazardous substances – nitrites. So, for poisoning a watermelon, which the level of nitrates exceeds the rate of, say, three times, an adult man enough to eat at a time 2.5-3 kg of pulp, baby – pounds.

In the case of “overdose,” the victim having abdominal pain, fever, weakness, aches. Agree, the consequences are not pleasant. But given that in the previous year, according to Gospodarevskaya, health facilities in the capital is not fixed any case of poisoning by nitrates, suggests that the victims suffer the consequences of poisoning relatively painless and at home.

How to assist in case of poisoning with nitrates? The first thing doctors advise a patient to drink a solution of solution of potassium permanganate or salt solution, and help induce vomiting – so the person to get rid of harmful substances that have not yet had time to be absorbed. Then you need to take any absorbent means better activated charcoal and call an ambulance.

By the way, scientists say that to determine the content of nitrates in watermelons, melons and other “gifts” fields and gardens without laboratory tests is almost impossible. All the folk remedies and also consumer nitrate sensor will not provide objective data.

Danger No. 2: bacteria

Not everyone knows that in case of improper use of gourds you can pick up a salmonellosis – an acute intestinal infection caused by salmonellas. In severe course of the disease a person is experiencing dehydration may increase the liver and spleen. May also develop kidney failure.

How might a dangerous disease in such an innocuous fruit? As told to “the observer” doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor National University of life and bila Tserkva national agrarian University Zenoviy Sych, the reason for all the rot, which is formed in sliced melons. Under “good” circumstances (dust, sun) the flesh starts to rot. “As a result, the flesh becomes a medium for development of microorganisms, including, for Salmonella,” telling Zenoviy Deonisovich.

Running into trouble like you can, buying from merchants halves and quarters of water-melons and melons. “So, I would cautiously looked at the fruits which cut and sell, primarily near roads, and would advise them not to buy,” said the Owl. However, he noted that the halves of watermelons, which are sold in supermarkets, not dangerous, because they are covered with foil and the temperature in the room, air conditioned, maintained relatively low.

The scientist also noted that the risk of any rotten melons, because even if you cut the bruised part of the fruit, “healthy” will still be contaminated with bacteria and toxic results of their activities, as they ply the “vascular system” of watermelon and melon.

Where to buy?

To avoid risks poison so beloved by many Ukrainians watermelons and melons, must be purchased in the official market place. As told to “the observer” Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv city state administration Gennady FPGA, it can be a commercial network, and agro-industrial markets, where the civil service is constantly checking the implementers of the documents of the party watermelon and melon, shipping documents (CMRs), certificates of conformity issued by economic entities or other regional accredited laboratories.

What’s the punishment for “chemistry”

In the case of the high content of nitrates in water-melons, according to the chief of Gospodarevskaya in Kiev Oleg Ruban, make the act prohibiting conditionally suitable water-melons and melons (i.e., the excess of nitrate by 20-50%) to the placing on the market. The administration, in turn, gives the implementers of commercial space.

“At supermarkets. Checked the waybill, certificates of compliance where specified the nitrate content and other indicators of security of gourds. The controls imposed on market operators (owners of commercial establishments) and authorized expert of the Association of veterinary medicine”, – said Oleg.

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