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Experts suggested how to choose a watermelon without nitrates

There are several characteristic features. Melons are considered to be one of the most useful berries, which contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, fiber, beneficial effect on the internal organs and promote the conclusion of the body of excess fluid and toxins. But this is true only for seasonal berries. …

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How to cleanse your body with watermelon and melon

Summer – season fresh fruits and melons. The time to unload the body with watermelon and melon. So which is better watermelon or cantaloupe for weight loss? These gourds at first glance, very different in taste, but in fact they have a lot in common. The caloric value of each …

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Why not combine the watermelon with other products

In combination with other products watermelons dangerous poisoning.Watermelon is one of the most useful berries, which stimulates the bowels, gently cleans the kidneys and rids the body of harmful substances, strengthens the heart muscle. This was reported by doctor Victoria Savitskaya. Watermelon has diuretic properties, it is recommended for edema …

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Doctors called the unique properties of fresh watermelon

Experts have spoken about the positive qualities of the berries. Watermelon has the ability to effectively reduce blood pressure, even in people with hypertension 1 stage. Watermelon helps to normalize blood pressure, proved by American scientists from the University of Florida. But as the watermelon lowers blood pressure, because it …

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The doctor suggested, how to choose the right watermelon

On Kyiv markets sell melons and watermelons, although the “official” season is almost a month. Thus recommend not to hurry and to wait until mid-August that the melons were useful and safe. The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya. “Watermelon is useful in almost all and has no …

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