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Doctors called the unique properties of fresh watermelon

Медики назвали уникальные свойства свежего арбузаExperts have spoken about the positive qualities of the berries.

Watermelon has the ability to effectively reduce blood pressure, even in people with hypertension 1 stage.

Watermelon helps to normalize blood pressure, proved by American scientists from the University of Florida. But as the watermelon lowers blood pressure, because it is almost 92% water?

So, this berry has the ability to effectively reduce blood pressure, even in people with hypertension 1 stage.

Each watermelon contains a large amount of vitamins A, B6 and C, fiber, amino acids and antioxidants, including carotenoid pigment called lycopene. There’s even a small amount of potassium.

As you know, antioxidants prevent inflammation and cancer, and amino acids are the main building blocks for protein, which is very important for the human body

Scientists have long noticed that in watermelon lot of lycopene, a natural compound. It is very useful. And provides the red color of watermelon pulp.

Homeland of watermelon, most likely, is in the Kalahari desert, Africa.

American scientists from the University of Texas claim that lycopene is a powerful antioxidant possessing anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, it reduces the risk of prostate cancer, heart disease and bones. A certain effect it has on blood pressure.

The highest amount of lycopene contained in ripe watermelon. If this berry is still green, the lycopene in it is extremely small. By the way, the ripening of watermelon, it also increases the amount of beta-carotene and phenolic antioxidant.

The internal parts of the watermelon near the skin, passing then in the red pulp, contain large quantities of an amino acid called citrulline. It is not included in the construction of proteins. However, it is very important for the body as it turns into another amino acid – arginine, which improves circulation, lowers blood pressure and improves erectile dysfunction. The fact that arginine is involved in the formation of nitric oxide that regulates blood pressure and supports the health of blood vessels. It also helps to reduce the accumulation of excess fat.

Thus, citrulline contained in large quantity in the domestic areas of the skin watermelon helps lower blood pressure.

In 2010, scientists from the University of Florida, the study concluded that watermelon is an effective natural “weapons” of older people to combat hypertension, a condition that precedes cardiovascular disease. Pre-hypertension means that blood pressure in humans reaches the upper limit of normal. Very often this condition becomes hypertension.

This experiment involved men and women aged 51 to 57 years. It turned out that watermelon thanks citrulline can prevent premature progression of prehypertension to hypertension.

As is known, postmenopausal women reduced elasticity of the aorta of the heart, leading to serious health problems. In one of the articles published in 2012 in the journal Menopause, said that postmenopausal women who took during the 6 weeks of watermelon extract, significantly reduced blood pressure. The authors of this study also explain this effect effects of citrulline and arginine.

In 2012, American scientists from Purdue University and their colleagues from the University of Kentucky in laboratory studies on mice came to enter that watermelon by 50% reduces blood levels of “bad” cholesterol. Also 50% in this case, reducing the number of plaques in arteries and increased levels of citrulline. That is a large amount of citrulline and scientists explain this effect of watermelon. However, in this study, the researchers direct lower blood pressure were not found, but other changes are very positive.

The world’s largest watermelon was grown in 2005 in the U.S. state of Arkansas. It weighs nearly 122 pounds.

In 2014 a team of scientists from the University of Florida in the new study, which lasted 12 weeks, concluded that regular consumption of watermelon in small amounts reduces blood pressure in people with overweight and obesity with prehypertension or hypertension 1 stage, even if they are under stress.

During the first six weeks one group of volunteers was given four grams of the amino acid citrulline and two grams of arginine per day (watermelon extract), and another group – placebo. Then the participants change places. They didn’t have to change your lifestyle and take medications that lower blood pressure. The results showed that the extract of watermelon significantly lowers blood pressure, which means less stress on the heart.

People with hypertension are not recommended to use arginine as a dietary Supplement, as it may cause some serious side effects, including nausea, discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract and diarrhea. But to obtain this amino acid from watermelon they can quite easily without any side effects. Perhaps the thing that this berry also has a lot of vitamins, fiber, potassium and lycopene.

The study involved 40 volunteers with high blood pressure whose average age is 58 years. During the 6-week experiment, some of them took a concentrated watermelon extract, and some – a placebo. Further monitoring participants for 2 weeks showed that the group who took watermelon extract, recorded lower upper value of blood pressure by 11.5 15.1 points and lower – to 7.6-7.8, compared to those who took a placebo.

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