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How to cleanse your body with watermelon and melon

Как разгрузить организм с помощью арбуза и дыниSummer – season fresh fruits and melons.

The time to unload the body with watermelon and melon. So which is better watermelon or cantaloupe for weight loss? These gourds at first glance, very different in taste, but in fact they have a lot in common.

The caloric value of each product is 39 calories.

These juicy berries consist of 95% water. Watermelon and cantaloupe with such indicators are perfect for a diet and fasting days.

Pectins, which are found in these products will perfectly cleanse the body of harmful toxins and “bad” cholesterol, and positively contribute to the digestive system.

Fasting day for watermelon

The watermelon has no fat, but the large number of vitamin such as A, b, C, PP and minerals can bring great benefit to the body. This striped berry has diuretic and laxative effect, which is very important if you suffer from swelling in the summer heat. Even when they eat 3-4 slices of this product are enhanced alkaline reaction in the body.

One of these melons is not particularly affect the weight, but the body will feel at ease.

Day body cleansing is extremely light: the whole day you can eat only watermelon (up to 2 kg) at any time and when you want.

However, there is advice from experts: drink watermelon a small amount of purified water. But it is, so to speak, on the Amateur. You can also drink green unsweetened tea. Out of a watermelon is better not to make fresh, as in this case will go is useful for the digestive tract fiber.

Fasting day on melon

Melon in its composition contains carotene, vitamin C, pectin, minerals and fiber. This yellow beauty is able to output “bad” cholesterol from the body and gently cleanse the gastrointestinal tract. If you have 2-3 days to sit on the melon diet, you will not only lose weight significantly, but you will improve the condition of hair and skin. By the way, the presence of in this fruit of serotonin gives you mood and vitality

But you need to know that the melon is not compatible with dairy products – this can cause diarrhea and nausea. However, in fairness it should be noted that this product is not worth anything to mix (now often serve melon with jamon in a restaurant).

Melon is best consumed an hour before the main meal or an hour later. Experts also recommend that weight loss of the melon people who have diseases of kidneys and urinary system.

And diabetes and gallstones, do not apply the diet with melon.

Choose watermelon or melon diet – the choice is yours. Make sure you consider your taste preferences.

You can also experiment with 1 day per week – fasting day on the melon, and then melon. What easier you will be given the use. But remember, such fasting days should not make more than 1 time a week!

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