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Experts explain how to combine alcohol with a diet

Эксперты объяснили, как совместить алкоголь с диетойIt is better to give up alcohol while dieting.

After a hard day you can enjoy a glass of wine or a glass of beer with friends. But whether it will be appropriate if you’re on a diet? Learn how to drink to gain weight.

Those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle and drinking only a moderate amount of alcohol, you should not worry. But sedentary people are prone to obesity, should be careful.

Consumption of large amount of alcohol added to the diet hundreds of calories and slows down metabolism.

“The body immediately begins to metabolize the alcohol, ignoring the nutrients from food. As a result, all what you have recently eaten, turns into body fat,” says doctor of medical Sciences and author of books about nutrition Pamela Peak (Pamela Peeke).

Despite this, there are several tips that will help you combine alcohol and diet.

1. Eat before drinking alcohol

It is better to do healthy snack than to count calories and completely abandon food, freeing up space for beverages. Appetite wakes up anyway. And after a certain dose of alcohol, we are ready to do yourself a favor to order a steak, fries or favorite chocolate dessert.

“Eat a dish rich in fiber, protein and healthy fats before you begin to drink. These substances smooth the blood sugar and slow metabolism,” says qualified dietitian Karlin Karst (Karst Terrance).

If you are going to drink in a cafe or restaurant, view the menu through the Internet and select dish in advance.

2. Choose pure alcohol

If you are worried about the figure, remember a simple rule: the simpler the drink the better. Sweet cocktails can increase hunger: blood sugar rises higher than when you drink wine, beer and other pure alcohol, and then drops sharply, increasing the appetite. Avoid drinking liquors, juices, lemonades, tonics and syrups.

One gram of alcohol contains about 7 calories. This is slightly less than in pure fat (9 calories per gram).

Drinking a glass of vodka, we get 100 kcal. And if you add more the syrup and the Cola, the energy value will increase several times.

“If you’re going to drink, give preference to pure alcohol. Will fit any wine or beer in moderation,” advises Pamela Peak.

Is heavy it is better to take the red rose or white wine. And vodka, gin or Bourbon can be diluted soda: it contains no calories and sugar.

3. Do not drink more than 1-2 glasses

One or two glasses a day is a moderate dose of alcohol for women and men. But if you don’t drink all week and partying at the weekend, the rule can not be called. “That’s the worst thing you can do for your figure and health in General,” says Peak.

Three to four cups cause the body to work on hundreds of calories that came from alcohol, not food. The level of sugar in blood increases, you become hungry like a wolf, and the prefrontal cortex suggests that one serving of grilled cheese croutons or nothing. In this case, a slim waist, you can not imagine.

4. Do not overeat during a hangover

The hangover — this is another challenge for people who keep a diet. The next day after drinking alcohol we have to fight the urge to eat something high calorie and fat. One of the reasons of this passion for bad — dehydrated. It gives us a sharper feel hunger.

“After the party, the body needs lots of energy to process all the alcohol drunk. Therefore fatty foods are very attractive during a hangover,” says Dr. Jason Burke (Jason Burke).

To avoid overeating, don’t forget:

– after consumption of an alcoholic beverage and before bed to drink a glass of water;
– eat something rich in fiber and protein before and after the party.

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