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Efficient Eastern diet: minus 4 kg in seven days

Эффективная восточная диета: минус 4 кг за семь днейNutritionists told me how to eat women when they want to get rid of extra pounds.

This power supply system for weight loss designed for people who have a lot of extra pounds. Those who suffer from obesity, you can use Eastern diet only as a starting point, allowing you to move, but then will still go to low-calorie healthy menu and stick to it until then, until you reach the desired result.

The benefits of the Eastern diet

First, it only lasts for 7 days, and the result is pretty significant for someone who will be good to eat during the week.

Secondly, you can choose favorite foods from the major categories proposed by the authors of the diet.

Thirdly, no hunger, because people will be tight and often to eat.

Fourth, diet harmless to the body, because the allowed foods list is quite broad and can replenish all the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

Rules and menu Eastern diet:

– eat every three hours;

– Breakfast should consist of a Cup of organic coffee or green tea, even with sugar, but better with honey;

second Breakfast – 1 hardboiled egg and 50-10 grams of dried fruit;

– lunch: lean meats 200 g salad of fresh vegetables with lemon juice and olive oil;

– afternoon snack – 30 g hard cheese and any sour fruit;

dinner – a glass of low-fat yogurt or natural yogurt;

– daily physical activity for at least 30 minutes;

– abundant mineral water 1.5-2 liters a day.

If you strictly follow the rules of the Eastern diet for a week lose at least 4 kg. If you want, you can sit on this diet for another 1-2 weeks to lose the remaining extra weight and fix the result.

The only drawback of the Eastern diet is the fact that losing weight will have to rebuild his entire regime, in order to follow the main principle – a feed every three hours. And the rest of the Eastern diet no cons.

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