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Poland wants more NATO troops in Eastern Europe

Speaking with the organisation’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday, Duda cited the alleged recent “relocation of Russian forces around the Ukrainian border.” He said that the group should make its presence felt to a greater degree on its eastern flank to “show all potential aggressors that NATO is ready.” He went on …

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Eastern Europe may become microchip powerhouse

“The whole semiconductor supply chain is enormous. Many countries can play different roles,” Taiwan’s National Development Council head, Kung Ming-hsin, told reporters following last month’s visit to Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania.  He said all three countries expressed readiness to jointly work on semiconductor chips with Taiwan, which holds a …

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Russia reacts to NATO proposal to move nukes into Eastern Europe

On Friday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg made an address at the German Atlantic Association, in which he said moving the atomic weaponry around the continent was necessary because of the alleged threat posed by Moscow. “Russia carries out aggressive actions, it interferes in other countries’ affairs,” he insisted. The …

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NATO praises deployment of US nukes in Eastern Europe

In a speech at the German Atlantic Association on Friday, Stoltenberg said the move was necessary because of the threat purportedly posed by Moscow. “Our aim is a world free of nuclear weapons,” he said, “but as long as others have them, NATO must have them too.” According to him, …

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Dozens of Middle Eastern migrants enter Poland ‘by force’

Regional police spokesperson Tomasz Krupa said 50 people crossed the border “by force” near the village of Starzyn shortly after 8pm local time on Saturday. Police detained 22 would-be asylum seekers, all of whom are Iraqi nationals, he added. The Polish Border Guard later said all of the 50 intruders …

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