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Easy methods to eliminate unpleasant foot odor

Быстрые методы устранения неприятного запаха ногHyperhidrosis, fungal diseases, stress provoke an enhanced production of sweat, which is very like the bacteria that cause odor.

Experts gathered advice on how to get rid of foot odor once and for all.

Eliminate the breeding ground for bacteria

Most bacteria that cause odor, accumulates under the nails and dead skin particles of skin. Don’t forget to walk on the feet with a pumice stone when washing your feet, keep the nails and cut them short.

After washing, wipe your feet between the toes

After a shower it is necessary not only to wipe their feet, and wet the towel between his fingers, as the moisture can cause the development of fungus.

Brew tea for your feet

Tannins contained in tea leaves, kill bacteria and decrease sweating. Foot bath with tea you can do daily.

Brew 3 tsp of leaves in 1 liter of boiling water.
Dilute 2 liters of cold water.
Keep your feet in this solution 15-30 min.

Apple cider vinegar

To help cope with an unpleasant smell of the new stuff from Apple cider vinegar: 0.5 liters of Apple cider vinegar mixed with 200 ml of warm water.

Saturate the gauze with solution and apply to the feet for 20 minutes.

Leave skin to dry naturally.

Use aromatic oils

Very good lavender oil. Apart from the fact that it masks the smell, the oil also has antibacterial properties:

4 drops of oil to massage into your feet.

You can make a foot bath: 2 drops of oil + 3-4 liters of water. Soak feet for 10-15 minutes in the resulting solution.

Wash socks, turning them inside out

This method will allow you to more thoroughly clean fabric from skin flakes and bacteria. Material of socks, of course, must be non-synthetic.

Go barefoot in the house or take off socks to wear for the street

When you walk, your socks collected from the floor of bacteria, which, when applied in a moist environment in the Shoe, begin to multiply.

Use your antiperspirant for feet

Antiperspirants contain chemicals that help reduce sweating. Apply it at night after shower on dry skin.

Seek advice from a doctor

If in addition to the bad smell has started itching and peeling, contact your doctor. These symptoms may indicate diseases such as ringworm, infectious inflammation, mycosis (disease caused by parasitic fungi).

Disinfect shoes that already smell

Carefully clean the shoes outside.

The laces and insoles soak in a solution of chlorhexidine (antiseptic).

A cotton swab soaked in chlorhexidine, treat the inner surface of the Shoe.

Watch out for dry shoes

It would be better to have 2 pairs of seasonal shoes to change them regularly. But if the second pair is not, and his shoes are wet and the old — fashioned way- crumpled newspaper sheets.

Put them in your shoes, and over night, the newspaper will absorb all the moisture. You can also use an electric dryer.

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