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Doctors told what is dangerous to health decreased appetite

Медики рассказали, чем опасно для здоровья снижение аппетитаJournal of the American geriatrics society told about the results of the research doctors from the USA who have studied the nature of appetite in the elderly.

During the investigation of this problem, the experts said that loss of appetite in certain age, may have a negative impact on quality of life and even to be a factor of its velocity.

“Malnutrition in the elderly is a serious threat to humans. It can reduce life expectancy,” – cites the publication of the journal opinion researchers.

Scientists studied differences in food intake among the elderly with different levels of appetite. To do this, they evaluated the dietary habits of 3 thousand people aged 70 to 79 years. The result of analysis was an expert’s opinion on the fact that almost 22% of participants had a so-called “poor appetite”.

According to experts, this term implies a reduced consumption of protein, fiber, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Doctors noted that people with poor appetite-often show a tendency to eat large quantities of rich, nutritious, but containing few vitamins products, different milk, fats, oils, sweets, cocktails and soda.

Experts said that the presence of “poor appetite” in the elderly the most negative impact on the quality and duration of life.

Previously, scientists from the United States spoke about the fact that maintaining a healthy controlled appetite promotes regular consumption of walnuts.

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