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Doctors told how dangerous it is to health to bathe with soap

Медики рассказали, насколько опасно для здоровья купаться с мыломThe experts shared their research.

Frequent use of soap, as soap is low quality, it may be surprising to human health problem. According to medics, the most popular cosmetic product is not harmless as it seems.

The experts stated that washing with soap is the most effective way to clean your skin: according to experts, most often, the soaping of the skin is well tolerated and does not cause allergic reactions. But there are factors that make soap can cause irritation and even more serious problems with health.

Appealing to the research, dermatologists said that the most appropriate cleanser is soap Pereirinha low-alkali compounds. Harmless can be considered a soap containing up to 0.03% of sodium hydroxide, the expert explained.

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“Alkaline components can cause not only dryness, but also peeling. In addition, the negative impact of hard water where the skin becomes less elastic and wrinkles are formed faster. Cheap soap industrial production can contain preservatives, dyes, and other constituents that can affect the skin and internal organs”, – informed professionals.

Most unsuitable for regular washing they called towels and soap. Their use (many people somehow I think this soap is best for cleansing) promotes inflammatory processes in the skin, warned beauticians.

In General it is better not to bore the skin with regular soap, no matter how good it soap, gave advice to doctors. This habit deprives your skin of natural protection and makes it more susceptible to external stimuli. The pursuit of cleanliness commendable quality, but sterility destroys the fat layer on the skin, causing the epidermis to become not only prone to allergic manifestations, but is most susceptible to ultraviolet radiation that leads to premature aging and increases the risk of skin cancer, explained experts.

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“In order that the skin was delicate and well-groomed, you need to use a thick nourishing cream. Soap should not be a means of permanent use,” said they.

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