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Doctors told as pine oil helps with colds

Медики рассказали, как сосновое масло помогает при простудеPine essential oil has a good list of medicinal properties.

Quality pine essential oil has a liquid structure and has no color, only in some cases it may have a yellowish tint. It is extracted from coniferous twigs and it can be stored up to five years, but only if the container it is sealed.

Properties of pine oil:

– tonic and invigorating;

– positive impact on psycho-emotional state;

– improves the activity of the brain;

– regenerating after the excesses and moral shocks;

– an expectorant;

– improve lung circulation;

– catarrhal and antiseptic;

– antipyretic;

– resolves nausea and dizziness;

– diuretic;

– anti-inflammatory, which is good for the kidneys and urinary system;

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– increase the potency and protects the prostate gland in men;

– analgesic.

To transfer the healing properties of pine oil can be a long time, but in the autumn-winter period of its use is in the treatment of catarrhal and viral diseases, as well as strengthening the immune system.

How to use pine oil for colds and what it can do to help?

Pine essential oil disinfects the air in the room, so it is indispensable when the house is caught cold or catch a viral infection.

The common cold, SARS and flu pine oil can be added to jam 1 drop, in this case, it effectively lowers the temperature of the body, gives strength and promotes the discharge of mucus from the lungs and bronchi.

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Due to its diuretic properties, pine oil quickly displays the body of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, which have become the cause of a disease.

Plus, pine oil due to anti-inflammatory properties, eases feeling sick with pneumonia and prevents the development of the disease in the role of complications after suffering flu, SARS or influenza.

It turns out that in the fall, when the season begins for colds and viral diseases, pine essential oil is an indispensable and very useful.

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