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Doctors told about the beneficial properties of salt

Медики рассказали о полезных свойствах солиThe topic of salt in the human diet excessively “overgrown” speculation and unfounded opinions.

The advice to limit its consumption, most likely, is ignorance, inexperience and incompetence.

The experiment of scientists of the German center for aviation and Astronautics in cooperation with colleagues from Germany and USA has allowed to articulate so well known facts huge use of salt, which allows a person to retain water in the body.

Groups of men over a 105 and 520 days contained in a confined space when following a strict diet. However, the researchers strictly controlled the intake of food, fluids and salt. Dose of salt is periodically varied, access to drinks for the subjects was unlimited. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

It turned out that salt does increase thirst, but only for a short time. In General, at high salt intake, the participants drank even less, and allocated to magiche urine, as they have worked better the mechanism of water retention in the body. Excess salt is normally displayed, and the water returns to the circulation from the kidneys.

The only cost of this energy intensive process was the increased need for food.

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