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Doctors suggest once and for all abandon the water in plastic bottles

Медики советуют раз и навсегда отказаться от воды в пластиковых бутылкахA plastic bottle of water can be dangerous.

How much has already been said about the need to protect nature and try to be as safe as possible for a resident of our house, but all to no avail. Not long ago, scientists even said that at a certain point we “live in debt” and the Earth’s resources won’t regenerate. What if our habits are not only hurting the planet but also us.

No matter how much talk about the harm plastic — all to no avail. We can not give up comfort bottles, which taste like the most delicious latte. But let’s stop doing it, because it has a good reason. Why is it so harmful the water in the bottle?

First, it is worth noting that healthier and more necessary drink, water to think hard. These are your tea-match, and other useful shit and not standing next to one of the main components of our body. Hence the rule that the Cup is cool to drink in the morning. Drink water, but not cold beer.

Plastic poisoning the water

The fact that the plastic can poison the water and contaminate it with harmful substances looks like the title of the next cheap broadcast on television. However, it is a fact. The fact with scientific explanations and rather arabirimi items.

Thus, residents privilegirovannoe UAE and in a head will not come to drink water from a plastic bottle that had a little lay down in the car under the sun. This water pampered Arabs call “spoiled” and discarded. The fact is that during the minimum of heat, plastic bottle secretes a substance like bisphenol A. It is quite logical jumps into the water, and the human body recognizes as estrogen (female hormone, which can affect our endocrine system).

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It’s safe to say that harmless warm mineral water in a plastic bottle which could adversely affect the operation of our brain, to undermine the immune system and even to develop asthma and diabetes. In the worst cases, cancer. Therefore it is not necessary to heat any of food if they are in plastic containers. And better and don’t use them. What you really.

Plastic causes infertility

Thus, plastic causes not Houston, and infertility. All due to the aforementioned stupid bisphenol, the presence in the body which directly affect our reproductive function. So a harmless plastic bottle can become a sponsor of the constant attempts to make EKO. And suffering.
The plastic bottle is impossible to fill up twice

Plastic bottle it is not a Bank card and not even glass container. She — disposable tableware. This means that from economical motives, cover anything in plastic a second time anymore. Plastic can change shape and break down, and this entails the growth of harmful bacteria.

So, it’s easy to pick up norovirus and even a poisoning. And all other reusable bottles, which, for example, use during sports, you need to rinse in cold water before use.

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Plastic harms the environment

It is no secret that plastic bottle is recycled, but the total number of plastic bottles in the world, only 1 percent is recycled. All remaining years rotting in landfills, poisoning the air and the environment. According to the latest data, by 2050 we will have to lie 26 million pounds of plastic that is not going anywhere.

Not all plastic is harmful

Of course, we do not call to completely abandon plastic bottles, but the urge to throw away the disposable plastic bottle. Here comes to the aid of so-called reusable plastic. Those fancy bottles, which are often painted in pictures in Instagram.

Large white bottles, for example, My Bottle and any other sports bottles. This material is stationery called “food grade plastic” and able to survive secondary, quinary and simply reusable. So if you don’t want to drink the harmful water and want to help the environment, you should choose a reusable water bottle made of food plastic. This is convenient and economical, and secure.

Медики советуют раз и навсегда отказаться от воды в пластиковых бутылках


Usually, this mark is on the plastic utensils that are suitable for multiple use. Simply put, this symbol can be recognized food grade plastic.

Медики советуют раз и навсегда отказаться от воды в пластиковых бутылках

Also reusable plastic or food has a marking, knowing that you can understand the suitability of the packaging for reuse or not. Beware.

Медики советуют раз и навсегда отказаться от воды в пластиковых бутылках

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