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Doctors have warned of the dangers to health, the transition to winter time

Медики предупредили, чем грозит здоровью переход на зимнее времяThe daylight-saving time may adversely affect people with cardiovascular diseases.

With daylight-saving (or summer) time, the body can “avenge” the person in the form of disease, says a scientist Lyudmila Karamzin. According to the expert, the body might retaliate against a person for their protective reactions, and this protection can be expressed as increase in actual diseases and increasing cases of suicides.

Meanwhile, the former Minister of health Mykola Polishchuk believes that the transition to winter time is tolerated by the people easier than the transition to summer time, nevertheless, during these periods significantly increases the number of heart attacks and strokes.

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According to the doctor-therapist of the highest category, Professor Vadim Shipulina, translation watch hands in the first place will negatively affect people with cardiovascular diseases, certain data suggests that the health of people the transfer time is deteriorating, especially in heart diseases and hypertension. However, the influence of time of the time shift on the human biorhythms are not is critical, and, from the point of view of evidence-based medicine, assumptions about the deterioration of health in humans associated with the transfer of hour hands, has not yet been confirmed.

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Studies supporting this assumption have not been undertaken.

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