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Doctors have warned of the dangers of soap

Медики предупредили об опасности мылаProven mortal danger soap

Scientists from the Institute of theoretical and experimental Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences in Pushchino proved that triclosan — an antibiotic used, in particular, in a soap — starts the self-destruct sequence in mammalian cells.

Experts, having carried out experiments on rats showed that triclosan, disturbing the normal work of mitochondria (cellular organelles performing the energy function), causes massive destruction of the liver cells.

Experiments have shown that the penetration of the antibiotic inside the mitochondria leads to the appearance of holes in their inner membrane, resulting in the organelles increase in size twice. Because of this, inside the mitochondria penetrate signaling molecules that trigger apoptosis.

Findings for rodents, fair and for the people.

The antibiotic triclosan opened in the mid 1960-ies.

Used to fight bacterial and fungal infections. Currently, triclosan is banned for use in liquid and solid soap in the EU and the USA. “He began to meet much less frequently and we have. However, in hospitals triclosan still used in sanitary means,” said co-author Konstantin Belosludtsev.

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