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Doctors have warned about the magnetic storms in October

Медики предупредили о магнитных бурях в октябреForewarned is forearmed.

On our health every day is affected by a lot of factors, starting on personal well-being, ending the influence of the moon. There is another important factor that affects our health directly – it’s a magnetic storm.

Because geomagnetic storms are one of the most important elements of space weather, they certainly influence many areas of human activities, and especially on health. So, from their influence broken relationship, navigation of space ships appear eddy induced currents in transformers and pipelines and even collapse of the energy system.

It is therefore not surprising that magnetic storms also affect the health and wellbeing of people. The impact is so great that in science there was even the appropriate section of Biophysics that studies the influence of this phenomenon on human, called solar biology.

The sharp controversy aroused at the time, the question of the impact of solar activity on occurrence of accidents and injuries in transportation and production. It was first pointed out in 1928 Alexander Chizhevsky.

Note that some people react to magnetic storms 1-2 days before them, that is, at the time of flares on the Sun, in fact, responding to solar storms, and some after. For this reason, it is important to know which is the timeframe for a magnetic storm in a particular month to be ready for it.

So, from the second month of autumn should not expect too active bursts. At the same time on October 1 will be seen a weak magnetic fluctuations. According to Space Environment Center, NOAA & U.S. Air Force, is to be circumspect with the 10 to 14 October. It was during this period magnetic oscillations will “whoop it up”.

At this time, the children, the elderly and those who have chronic illnesses or dependent on the weather, can feel the pressure differences, mood, migraine and weakness. These days is to pay attention to their own health.

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